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Client's Testimonials

...and this is what they are saying about our Web Design Services...


WOW! We have "Pink Power"

Our customers have reviewed & awarded our services 5 STARS via the independent review system Which Web Design Company. And their glowing reviews have now escalated us to "Pink Power" status (better than gold!!) - See the WWDC Site to see why.


Been there, worn the T-Shirt!

We know about the Internet. We started in the year BD (Before Dreamweaver!). We've been through the gold rush and it's crash; the scramble for free dial-up access; Pentium 1 to 4, Centrino, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, XP through to Vista, Win7; the rise & fall of the Flash Intros; Netscape, FireFox versus Internet Explorer. Does anybody remember WAP and the many other techie buzz words?

We now look forward to the broadband era, the eCommerce challenge and web access through the latest gadgets, like the iPhone, PDAs and Apple iPad.