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Company 'Brochures': Design Portfolio #8

We design all manner of business websites:

Most business need at least an on-line "brochure" to inform existing and prospective customers about their products or services. Generally these contain an overview of the business, it's products and contact details. For sub 400 you get a 24/7 global 'advert' for your business that is more cost effective than any other form of advertising. If your competitors are doing THEN SO SHOULD YOU BE!

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The Ellipse Training website

Ellipse IPL Laser Training Centre

This brochure style web site is supplementary to the Ellipse IPL main site. This site promotes their in-house and class room based training for IPL Laser Systems in beauty and cosmetic procedures such as tattoo and hair removal. This site mirrors the branding of all the other Ellipse IPL web sites.

Client comment: "The site layout is great and the colours are perfect. It is clean and uncomplicated to view and use... just what we wanted for our busy target audience." - Caroline Farr, Ellipse Trainer.
Veracis Authorised Economic Operator

Veracis Business Intelligence & Authorised Economic Operator.

Flash animated web site: We just re-built a very dated web site for Veracis, (Business Intelligence and Fraud Investigators) who provide risk mitigation to companies involved in Trading and Wholesaling. They wanted higher impact, a modern business and professional looking web site to include Search Engine Optimisation, which the previous site had lacked.

Client comment: "Really impressed. I think it's great - a proper before and after make-over success story. The site looks so professional, the colours & font look good and create the right atmosphere for the context of the business. We already have another job for you"- Helen Plowman, on behalf of Veracis.
Pampered Pet Sitting

Pampered Pet Sitting - Surrey UK

Pet Sitting in Surrey : This small start-up business required a simple 'Biz-Starter' online brochure to showcase where they are, what they do, costs and contact information. We designed the logo, branding and site from scratch, optimised the site for geographical 'pet' related keywords and within days had their first booking. The site ranks well for the target location.

Client comment: "It was an exceptional experience dealing with you guys. The site and logo are perfect for us and those that have reviewed it here are very positive about the design. Thanks."- Richard Butcher (Pampered Pets).
Physio Logic Sports Injury Clinic

Physio Logic - Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries, Otley, Yorkshire

This Multi-page Brochure is a redesign to modernise and update the old web site which had grown 'tidied' and hard to maintain. A new colour-scheme, improved logo and relative stock images have created a more high-impacting and professional web site that the owner is happy with.

Client comment: " I am really pleased with the web design, it's looking so much more professional than before. You have exceeded my expectations. Thank you." - Wendy Carswell, Physio Logic
Ellipse IPL Technical Support

Ellipse IPL Technical Support

This brochure style web site is the Technical Support section for Ellipse IPL Laser Systems. They supply and maintain the special IPL Laser Machines using highly trained technicians, service engineers and customer service professionals. The site is a main contact and information point for cosmetic industry professionals who need answers about or repairs to their IPL Laser Equipment. The site mirrors the branding of other Ellipse IPL web sites.

Client comment: "Thanks for a fast turn around on this website. It all looks fine and easy-to-use. It will answer many FAQs and help us manage our time better. A great job as usual. Well done " - Jenny (Ellipse BeautyLight Ltd).
Hondon Valley Property

Hondon Valley Tourist Information & Property

The Hondon Valley is a sought after rural residence away from the beaten track in Costa Blanca South, Spain. This dedicated web site to Hondon sets out to help people moving into the Hondon Valley area. It is to grow into a mine of useful information, property and resources.

Client comment: "We already have numerous 'tourist' web sites in Costa Blanca but needed a site solely for the Hondon Valley. We used Digit@l Idiom as they have an impressive portfolio of 'real estate' sites already and understood our needs."- Maureen, (
The Northern Optics website

Northern Optics Telescopes and Binoculars. Lincolnshire

Northern Optics sell telescopes, binoculars and cameras in the Lincolnshire area of UK. This first brochure style web site and shopping cart needed to portray a sample of their products and prices encouraging customers to call in.

Client comment: " One of the best laid out and easy to use web sites I've seen. Constant email advice on how to promote my company was an unexpected and very welcome surprise. " - Nigel Pennington (Northern Optics).
Euroguard Windows, Costa Blanca

Euroguard Windows & Glass Curtains, Costa Blanca

Euroguard help secure villas, apartments and business premises on the Costa Blanca in Spain with a unique window & door locking system called the "The EURO BOLT". They also do patio doors, sun screens, mosquito nets and glass curtains. As an independent trader the Budget Website Package was perfect for displaying Euroguard's products.

Client comment: "How easy it all was. After a short meeting, Digit@l Idiom took my ideas and created this site in record time. Well done! A great service." - Paul Whiteman ('Euroguard').
Villa and Holiday Home Web Templates

Villa Web Templates - Value Rental Web Sites

Brochure Site : This site sells value web site templates useful for owners of rental homes abroad / UK who need a web site to showcase their location and villa / apartment. G-Force provide property owners with all they need to get online: domain name, hosting services, email address, design and customisation of templates (with a choice of templates).

Client comment: "Thanks to Digit@l Idiom for getting this site off the ground ASAP. It was quick and easy and in budget. "- Alex, G-Force Villa Web Templates.
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