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Business Logos, Logo Design: Design Portfolio #7

We design all manner of business logos for websites:

We are often asked by new businesses to design their company logo which of course we incorporate into their web sites. Often they are used in their other marketing material such as business cards, letterheads and adverts.

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Logo - Stories by Paddy

Children's Short Stories by Paddy

Paddy is an author of short children's stories, amusing and easy to read stories. Paddy needed a new logo for his web site, something Irish, colourful and friendly looking... He liked the logo so much he let us do his web site as well!

Logo - Entertainment Wizard

Entertainment Wizard

Entertainment Wizard is a network of business services to the entertainment industry. They needed a logo design with impact for printed stationery. Two logos were produced, a 'fun' version and this more dramatic version as their final choice.

Logo - Pink Lady Products

Pink Lady Products

Pink Lady sell fun lingerie, clothes and accessories for woman. They wanted a logo design with impact, obviously very pink and a bit 'cheeky'. The logo was to be used on all products, stationery and online advertising. There are plans to animate the 'cat-lady' using Flash for an upcoming shopping cart web site.

Logo - Global 7 EPublisher

Global 7 Web Publishers

Global 7 supply Internet services and pre-built 'web stores' with full on-line administration and ecommerce facilities. They required that their web site and stationery to have a 'face-lift'. We designed their main company logo, a full set of web icons and Flash banner animation.

Logo - Fourchilds


Fourchilds are an Internet marketing company who promote and sell various services including telecommunications, credit and pre-paid cards, broadband and related services. The company wanted a simple and colourful logo design that would be instantly recognisable.

Logo - Dog Lover Biz


A specialist online dating system for couples you wish to find a partner and have a common liking for dogs. Slightly quirky and fun was the brief for this company logo and a paw print would be nice !!

Logo - Cane and Garden

Cane and Garden

Summer time is a special time for Cane and Garden who sell most of their garden related furniture during this time. A logo to represent the 'alfresco' nature of their product was required. Green seemed an obvious colour as did the parasol.

Logo - Spanish Holiday Cottages

Spanish Holiday Cottages

SHC promote and sell holiday homes in Andalucia. Their logo had to represent rustic Spain (colours/font) and the Moroccan influence of the region (arched window).