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Web Design? We Have High Standards!

In fact we build to the W3C Web Design Standards

It's right and professional to build sites to W3C Web Standards. Web usability and standards are not a luxury anymore... they are essential in this competitive cyber-world. IGNORE THEM AT YOUR EXPENSE!

WARNING: Your web site may be a closed door to your prospective customers due to poor web design standards, cross-platform problems, script errors, clashing colour schemes and 'bugs'... to name but a few!

"Our studies of user behaviour on the web found a low tolerance for difficult designs or slow web sites. People don't want to wait. And they don't want to learn how to use your web site. There's no such thing as a user manual for a web site. People want to be able to grasp the function of the site almost immediately after scanning the site for a few seconds at most." - J. Nielsen (

Always User Centric Design

All web sites need to consider it's visitors, your prospective customers... Sounds obvious but it's astounding that most web sites don't! Most web sites are coded poorly, unusable, unreadable or fail due to poor design standards and lack of testing.

Web Standards - W3C Validation

We know about professional web standards and practice user-centric web design as part of our quality assurance. We are registered members of GAWD and UKWDA who lobby for better designed web sites to the W3C guidelines.

Why Bother with Web Design Standards?

You only have a few seconds to impress your visitors, so slow or broken web sites will turn them away for sure !!! So we build our sites using advanced coding practices such as xHTML and CSS and implement checks for readability, usability and accessibility. WHY? Because your site will be faster to download, work in more browsers and on more PCs (Apple Macs included) and be seen by more people than a site not coded to these standards... GUARANTEED!

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):

The W3C are the guardians of web standards that ensure web designers and developers have a coherent direction & blueprint for professional web design. They provide validation tools and conformance badges to show a web site has passed their web standards.

digital:idiom constantly achieve this and we wear our badges with pride... It's your guarantee that we know what we're doing!

The Conformance Badges:

  • xHTML and HTML4: These show that our site is validated to the latest W3C standards for web page structure, language and coding.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): CSS is used to layout, colour and style the pages. This is the modern way to style web sites. It's great advantage is that one style file affects every page (it cascades). So if you want red text instead of black we can change it very quickly ... even if you've got 1000 pages.
  • Disabled Access: Validates web sites for disabled access standards. We use software to auto-check many of the key points of the W3C guidelines. We also test and 'user-check' the site ourselves which requires a skilled web developer.
  • WAI (Web Accessible Initiative): There are three levels of conformance, with a triple AAA being the most stringent test for disabled web access.
  • UK Web Design Association: UKWDA was established to encourage and promote industry standards within the British web design sector.
  • Guild for Accessible Web Designers: GAWDs is an international register of web designers who have proved they promote and build accessible web sites.